Programs and services offered by “Los Álamos” are focused on specific conditions and needs of our users. For this reason, we offer individual support intended to decrease their limitations and promote development and inclusion of disabled people in a family and community environment: Their needs are also met within a social context, today and in the future.

We offer different assistance areas such as: psychology, social work, phonoaudiology, occupational therapy, nutrition and dietetics, special education, artistic education, physical education; this allows us to offer an integral and interdisciplinary accompaniment to each user.


Early stimulation

This is a program designed for children between zero and four years of age; the program is intended to support and strengthen processes to develop skills and abilities through personal care plans, intervention of interdisciplinary teams, accompaniment to parents, family schools, home care, and other activities at our main headquarter.

Functional habilitation

This program is implemented for children between four and fourteen years of age, in order to develop and strengthen self-care, academic, family, and social abilities and skills, with the accompaniment of our professional teams that monitor our users’ achievements and progress.

Occupational habilitation

This is a program implemented for adolescents, adults, and old people that includes accompaniment of special educators, occupational therapists, phonoaudiologists, and psychosocial teams in order to develop and keep behaviors addressed to family, social, and labor inclusion from activities that allow our users to assert their knowledge and performance in different situations and environments.

Educational inclusion

This is a program to accompany children and adolescents between five and fifteen years of age who require support to improve their learning and academic education processes so that they can be part of the educational system through different pedagogic interventions and strategies. This program is offered at our Bello and Itagüí facilities and at schools that require from us such an accompaniment; this program is offered for groups of over ten students.

Labor inclusion

This program is implemented with companies and the production sector on include intellectually disabled people in their work teams; this kind of people has basic skills and abilities to perform in a productive manner within a community. Labor inclusion is an alternative that allows promoting rights and social inclusion, appreciating disabled people, and improving their possibilities to have an independent and fulfilling life. In order to achieve this goal, we have an interdisciplinary team that makes an integral and permanent accompaniment to our users and the companies that include them as their employees.

Specialized assistance

This program is implemented for disabled and totally dependent children, adolescents, and adults who require special care and accompaniment. This program is focused on the development of assistance plans and necessary criteria to improve standard of living of our users.

Open environment

This is a program how offer attention to our users, according their specifically needs and their families.

Consultancy and training

We have designed consultancy and training programs for different organizations and companies on integral care for disabled people; we have developed pedagogic strategies for educational inclusion, consultancy programs for labor inclusion, family schools, promotion of rights, all according to specific needs and demands.

Disciplinary and interdisciplinary evaluation

This is a program intended to prepare a profile and a prognosis on the specific needs of each user through the intervention of an interdisciplinary team that proposes and establishes necessary assistance parameters and plans to meet each user’s needs.

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