In 1995, two public special education institutions in Medellin (“Tomás Cadavid Restrepo” School and “Baldomero Sanín Cano” School) that managed children and adolescents with slight and moderate intellectual disability. Also,  “Clínica Vasconia” was an alternative for treating this kind of cases; this clinic took care of children and adolescents with severe intellectual disability. In this year, Antioquia was a pioneer in the care of people with cognitive disability in Colombia; however, some families searched for other alternatives for their children with cognitive disability, and they sent them to Cuba for special psycho-pedagogic treatment at “Instituto Crespo” in Havana.

In 1960, the Cuban Revolution consolidated and children from Medellin had to travel back to Colombia. Three parents of these children (Bernardo López, Alberto Fernández, and Alonso Puerta) made a proposal to Ms. Lucía Márquez (medical doctor holding a specialization in pediatric psychiatry): To create in the city an institution for treating and educating mentally retarded children and adolescents, just as it was done at “Instituto Crespo” at that time. On September 23rd, 1960, a limited liability company known as “Colegio Los Álamos” was incorporated; on February 11th, 1961, the school started operations under the direction of Ms. Lucía Marquez who was appointed as the Principal.  In this way, an urgent need was met in Medellin with this school, a precursory institution devoted to psychopedagogy for people with cognitive disability.




At the beginning, “Los Álamos” had sixteen students and four of them were permanent boarding students. The number of users increased in the coming years with children admitted from other cities of the country. Late in the 1960’s, the institution was taking care of five users from Panama, four users from Puerto Rico, one user from Ecuador, and two users from Venezuela. Since founding partners held non-profit purposes and their common interests was to help the institute, in 1975 a minute was sent to the Governor so that a non-profit corporation can be founded, and partners accepted to transfer their stocks. Currently, the trade name of the institution is “Corporación Instituto de Capacitación Los Álamos” and holds legal capacity recognized according to Resolution No. 011262 dated January 12th, 1976.

Docente realiza actividades lúdicas con usuario (1967).

Una docente está guiando a un usuario mientras este atraviesa un túnel de tela.

Dos usuarios realizan labores de carpintería alrededor de una mesa.

“Los Alamos” exhibited such a tremendous growth that in 2015 the institution directly admitted 1,630 users through different types of contracts and agreements; the institution had a staff consisting of professionals from different areas. In this way, “Instituto de Capacitación Los Álamos” consolidated as an entity that provides integral assistance to disabled population through its programs implemented to restore and assure rights and good standard of living for users, their families, and community.Today, the Institution has three facilities, the principal one located on Calle 27A No.62A-02, Urbanización Bariloche, Itagüí, the second one is located on Carrera 49 No. 53-30, Barrio El Prado, Bello and the third located on calle 10 sur n 44-49 la Aguacatala, Antioquia.

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