Assistance Model

ModeloAtenciónExterna bajaThe United Nation Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities recognizes all disabled people’s right -under equal conditions- to live in community with equal options.

In virtue of the above, the assistance model of “Instituto de Capacitación Los Álamos” is conceived from a multidimensional approach of the human being that includes the development of personal, emotional, physical, social, and educational skills in the search for better standards of living of disabled people and their families through high quality assistance processes, social network management, community network management, and perspective of rights.

For this purpose, we promote programs and projects focused on the strengthening of:



Family life: We conceive family as a protective and positive environment where people with disabilities can strengthen and develop their emotional abilities from the respect and assurance of rights and inclusion.


Social life: We promote social inclusion of disabled people from self-assessment, respect, and free development of personality through different activities that allow interacting in different community environments.


Educational life: We believe that development and strengthening of abilities is possible to include disabled people in the formal education system with equal opportunities, participation, and respect, from specific pedagogical and therapeutic strategies for each beneficiary.


Working life: With a suitable support and assistance system and the support of an interdisciplinary team and intervention assistance, we promote and develop work inclusion as a way of facilitating human development and improving life quality.


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